Introduction to Industrial Hygiene – Online

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene – Online



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Course Overview

Our 100% online Introduction to Industrial Hygiene course will provide a basic overview of Industrial Hygiene or Occupational Hygiene, including topics such as the purpose of a Worksite Analysis and the Hierarchy of Controls.

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Who Should Take This Course?

The science and art of industrial hygiene aims to protect workers from physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic hazards in the workplace through the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of those hazards.

Our Introduction to Industrial Hygiene course helps workers learn basic information about:

  • Industrial Hygienist Functions
  • Goals of an Inspection
  • Worksite Analysis Purpose
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Definitions
  • Methods to Protect Workers
  • Hazard Identification

Industrial Hygeniests require significant training and experience. This is an introduction course and will not result in you being an Industrial Hygeniest.

For information on OSHA Safety training requirements or the Safety training courses we offer, visit our OSHA Safety Training page.

Course Pricing

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene $19.95   $14.95

Course Format

This course is taken entirely online and includes up-to-date, high quality training. The course is interactive training, combining audio and visual elements for maximum retention. For your convenience, the class is self-paced and available 24/7. We are so certain you will be satisfied with your experience, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

Once the course is completed, you will immediately be able to download, save or print your Course Completion Certificate which is provided in PDF format.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to provide workers with an Introduction to Industrial Hygiene or Occupational Hygiene.

After completing this online training, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the role and function of an Industrial Hygienist
  • Describe the goals of an Industrial Hygienist inspection
  • State the purpose of a Worksite Analysis
  • Describe the Hierarchy of Controls
  • Understand methods used for protection of workers from workplace hazards
  • Define exposure terms commonly used in the workplace
  • Provide the types of workplace hazards identified by Industrial Hygienists

Course Sections

This course consists of 1 section within our Online Training System (OTS).

Module 1
Section Title
1 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
Course Exam

Course Exam

  • The final exam for this course consists of 5 questions, which are randomly compiled from a large pool of possible questions.
  • A 70% or better score is needed in order to pass the final exam. If a student does not pass, they may re-review information in the sections as necessary, and retake the test as many times as needed in order to pass.



Once the course is completed, you will immediately be able to download, save or print your Course Completion Certificate which is provided in PDF format.

Additional Training

Please note that this course provides basic Industrial Hygiene information and should be combined with training on Industrial Hygiene practices specific to the workplace and company. This course is not meant to replace company-specific training provided by your employer on procedures for your particular work environment. You must be trained by your employer on the hazards, equipment, engineering and administrative controls, safe work practices and emergency plans specific to your role and workplace. For additional resources, see OSHA’s Industrial Hygiene publication.

In ALL situations, employers are required to ensure their employees are adequately trained to do their job.


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