Our Money Back Guarantee for Online Training Courses

We are so confident you will be completely satisfied with our online training that we are offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee for all of our online courses! This refund excludes course books and shipping fees once items have been shipped, and also excludes: volume-priced Advance Purchases; Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) courses; 10 and 30-Hour courses offered through our affiliation with AdvanceOnline Solutions; and American Heart Association (AHA) e-Learning courses.

Once enrolled in Online training, if you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, you can request a full refund. Just send us an email requesting the refund and we will credit your account (less any fees as indicated above). This refund offer is valid for 30 days after enrollment or until the point where the online training course is completed, whichever comes first.

After the 30 day refund period, if a student will not be completing their online training course, the student or Corporate Administrator may request a credit for the unfinished course that can be used toward a future enrollment. A written request for this credit must be received by HazMat Student within 1 year of the initial enrollment. The credit has no expiration date and can be transferred to another student upon request. See further details regarding course transfers below.

AdvanceOnline Solutions / 360 Training: OSHA 30 and 10 Hour Online Course Refunds

The OSHA 30 and 10 Hour courses are provided through an affiliation with AdvanceOnline Solutions, Inc. and have a separate refund policy:

Refund requests must be submitted within 72 hours of the course launch. A refund will be processed if:

  • The learner has not attempted any portion of a test or exam.
  • The learner has not requested or received a certificate of completion.
  • The learner has completed less than 50% of the purchased course.
  • The learner has not been notified of the shipment of training materials or merchandise.

If the course has not been launched, our standard 30-day refund policy applies.

Online Course Transfers

Students may transfer their enrollment to a different online course as long as the training from the initial enrollment has not been completed. Transferring an enrollment from one student to another is allowed within 1 year of enrollment for uncompleted courses. Conditions may apply, depending on the circumstances:

  • Online courses transferred from one student to another will result in all training progress to be reset. The new student will need to start the course from the beginning.
  • Online course transfers can only be applied to one new course enrollment. To make the most of your credit, transfer your credit to a course of equal or higher cost.
  • When transferring from a less expensive course to a more expensive course, the student will need to pay the price difference in order to complete the transfer.
  • When transferring from a more expensive course to a less expensive course, the 30-day refund policy is in effect.
  • When a student transfers from one online course to another, we will transfer the course progress, where possible, for content that overlaps between the two courses.

Advance Purchases

Refunds are not allowed on volume-priced Advance Purchases.

Classroom Training & Testing

Classroom Cancellation & Refunds

After registering for a class or testing session, any student who’ll be unable to attend the class must contact us in advance in order to transfer or cancel the registration. If cancelled 15 or more calendar days before the start of class, we’ll offer a full refund. If cancelled 14 calendar days or less before the start of the class, a fee of 20% of the tuition will be charged.

Classroom Transfers

Students may transfer to another scheduled class or testing session (or from one student to another) at no charge if the written request is made 2 business days or more before the start of the class.

If a transfer is requested 2 business days or less before the start of class, a rescheduling fee of 10% of the tuition will be charged.

All transfer and cancellation requests must be made in writing via email and receive a written confirmation back from HazMat Student or OTS (Online Training System) Support in order to be valid. Students who don’t attend a registered class and who do not receive confirmation of a cancellation or transfer will be treated as a “Classroom No Show. ”

Classroom No Shows

Enrolled students who do not contact us by email in advance to cancel their registration (with return confirmation from us) and who do not attend their scheduled class will be charged the entire course fee.

Classroom or Testing Sessions We Cancel

If HazMat Student cancels a class or testing session, students will be offered one of the following options:

  • A transfer to another scheduled offering of the same course;
  • A transfer to another class of a different course. Where applicable, there will be either a refund or a charge to the customer for difference in course fees between the two courses;
  • A full refund.

Blended Online/Classroom Courses

For blended courses, the online and classroom portions will be treated as separate components, and the respective refund and cancellation policies apply for each component.

American Heart Association e-Learning Courses

American Heart Association (AHA) e-Learning courses may only be refunded if returned within 30 days of purchase in unused condition (unregistered and not yet started).


Our NREMT/CAPCE (F3) courses follow the Online Training refund policy outlined on this page.