Online Training FAQs

No, our courses are designed to be self-paced, allowing you to stop and start the course as needed and complete the course over time. Our Online Training System (OTS) will track and save your progress to the last section completed, so the next time you log in you can resume with the next section of training. Once you start a section, you will want to complete the section so you will not have to re-start that section from the beginning the next time you log in.

Users of our online training will need to have basic computer knowledge. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to navigate a website, the ability to open and close documents and webpages, the ability to use a mouse, and the ability to right-click and left-click with a mouse. Users without any computer experience may have difficulty navigating online training courses and may want to enroll in a basic computer training class prior to taking our online courses.

Yes, an email address is needed for enrollment in our online courses. However, since users log into their student account with a username, not an email address, it is possible to enroll multiple users with the same email address if desired.

Yes, an email address is needed for enrollment in our online courses. However, since users log into their student account with a username, not an email address, it is possible to enroll multiple users with the same email address if desired.

Our courses are designed to take a specific amount of time. However, some individuals may complete the training more quickly, while others may need additional time. This training should be used as part of an overall training program, and can be combined with other training throughout the year in order to meet any hour requirements.

8 hour classes typically allow 90 days for completion, while longer courses (24, 32, or 40 hours) typically allow 180 days. If you need longer, we can work out extensions on a case by case basis. We have never denied a request for a time extension.

You may retake our exams as many times as needed in order to pass. Our exam questions are randomly compiled from a pool of questions, so each exam will be slightly different. You may also re-review the training information in the course prior to retaking the exam, if desired.

Sample 40 Hour HAZWOPER certification

Yes, a certificate is offered with nearly all of our courses upon course completion. Certificates are provided in PDF format and can be downloaded, printed or saved from your student account. Users will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader on their computer prior to downloading the certificate.

40 hour hazwoper training wallet id card

Many courses include a laminated wallet ID card, which will be mailed after course completion from our Main Office in Southern California. Other courses offer an option during enrollment to purchase the wallet ID card for an additional $5. Please see our course descriptions for more details on what is included with specific courses. Wallet ID cards, when applicable, are mailed within 24 hours of course completion.


You can take the 40 Hour HAZWOPER training online entirely, but keep in mind that you will need to be trained on how to use the protective equipment that is needed on the job prior to using the equipment. This applies whether you take the course online or in a classroom setting, since the actual equipment that is used on the job may be different from the specific equipment used during training.

Our Online 40 Hour HAZWOPER training does review Personal Protective clothing and other monitoring equipment and accessories. The training includes 50 plus short video clips specifically created to demonstrate the equipment. Students are able to see the items in great detail as if the student were attending the classroom session. The short video clips show different types of respirators, chemical clothing, suit accessories, monitoring and detection equipment, and suit donning techniques.

We offer several options to help meet your training needs.

For OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER training:

If you will be getting employer-provided hands-on training with the specific equipment you will use, you may want to opt to take our OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER Online course which is provided 100% online, and includes equipment instruction by video instead of hands-on practice.

If you would prefer to get the 8-hour hands-on training through your employer or another training provider, you may want to take our OSHA 32 Hour HAZWOPER Online course to combine with your 8 hours of hands-on training. In some cases, when students have taken our 32 hour online course and another training provider will not issue a 40 Hour HAZWOPER certification, we may be able to do so if sufficient proof is provided of taking the hands-on portion.

For OSHA 16 Hour HAZWOPER training:

We offer an OSHA 16 Hour HAZWOPER Upgrade Online course as an option, which provides this course entirely online. This 100% Online course would be suitable for workers who will not be using equipment on the job OR for workers who will use equipment on the job, but will have employer-provided hands-on training on the specific equipment they will use.

Students who took the 24 Hour HAZWOPER training course from another training provider, and enroll in our OSHA 16 Hour HAZWOPER Upgrade Combo course, must provide acceptable documentation of 24 Hour course completion before the 40 Hour HAZWOPER certification can be provided.

To request hands-on classroom training be added in your area, please contact us. Through affiliate partnerships with other training providers, we work to provide locations across the United States for the hands-on training. To ensure the highest quality training, we are very selective in choosing our affiliates.

The three-day direct supervision requirement has nothing to do with the training requirement. The direct supervision requirement is meant to ensure that newly trained employees are not sent to a work site unsupervised, and that they get at least three days of supervised field experience. This three day requirement is part of the job function period, not part of the training period.

If you have completed the 24 Hour HAZWOPER training course, you can upgrade to the HAZWOPER 40 Hour training level by taking an additional 16 hours of training through one of the following course options:

16 Hour HAZWOPER Upgrade (to the 40 Hour) – Online
16 Hour HAZWOPER Upgrade (to the 40 Hour) – Online/Class Combo

Students of the 24 Hr HAZWOPER training online course may later upgrade to the 40 hour HAZWOPER level by taking a 16 Hour HAZWOPER Upgrade course. There is no time limit within the OSHA regulation for when someone may add the 16 hour course to the initial 24 hour course. However, it is important that students complete the yearly refresher training sessions.

No, during the year a general hazardous waste site worker will be become a supervisor, OSHA expects 8 hours of management and supervisory training as well as 8 hours of employee refresher training. HAZWOPER requires supervisors to receive training and supervised field experience equivalent to the level of their employees and at least 8 additional hours of specialized training as described in 1910.120(e)(4).

If more than 12 months have passed since you received refresher training, it does not mean you will need to take the initial training all over again.

Per OSHA, “If the date for refresher training has lapsed, the need to repeat the initial training must be determined based on the employee’s familiarity with safety and health procedures used on site. The employee should take the next available refresher training course. There should be a record in the employee’s file indicating why the training has been delayed and when the training will be completed.”

Any state HAZWOPER Refresher training regulation would have to meet or exceed the federal standards. Therefore, it is beneficial to focus your efforts on meeting the state regulations and HAZWOPER training requirements, and by default, you will be covered for the federal standard as well.