We’re excited to announce that most of our Online courses are now mobile friendly.

For the best experience, please note the following: 

  • Check the course description to ensure it’s mobile-friendly.
  • Ensure you have installed all updates to your mobile device’s browser.
  • Larger screens, such as on tablets vs. smartphones, make the course material easier to view and read.
  • Newer devices tend to be the most compatible.
  • Be aware that phone calls can interrupt training when taken on mobile devices.
  • This course will not work on iPad first generation or older Android tablets.
  • The higher your browser’s compatibility with HTML 5, the better our course should perform. You can open different browsers on your mobile device and test the compatibility of each browser here.
  • Ensure you have a non-mobile option available for completing the course, in case you encounter any issues. Please contact us with any feedback or issues.

Enroll in our mobile friendly online safety training courses today!

mobile device with words mobile training