Who Should Take This Course?

State Certified EMTs

Our online 24 Hour EMT Refresher Topics course was designed for the currently certified EMT renewing their certification and/or for the EMT whose certificate has expired within the 6-month grace period. This course provides 24 hours of EMS Continuing Education on EMT Refresher topics, and meets local and state requirements for California. This course does not include naloxone, epinephrine and glucometer training, which is available as a separate Online course.

This 24 Hour class may also be accepted in other states that accept CA-approved distributive education and who are not utilizing the NCCP format. Please check with your EMS Authority before enrolling. (For NCCP courses, see our CAPCE (F5/F3) NCCP EMS Refresher Courses.)

Note: This course is not accepted for state recertification in Arizona or Nevada.

National Registry EMTs (NREMT)

For NREMT recertification, please enroll in our CAPCE (F5/F3) NCCP EMS Refresher Courses

For currently certified NREMTs – NREMT has recently updated their recertification requirements, so Nationally Certified EMS personnel due to recertify in 2019 or after, are now required to use the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP). See our NREMT NCCP courses.

For Failed NREMT Exam – This course does not qualify as a 24 Hour EMT Refresher course for those who have failed the (NREMT) – National Registry EMT Exam – 3 times and need to take a 24 Hour EMT Refresher course or 24 hours of “remedial training” in order to test an additional 3 times. See our NREMT NCCP courses.

For expired NREMT – This course does not qualify as an EMT Refresher course for those seeking eligibility to take the NREMT exam. See our NREMT NCCP courses.

Course Outline

This course consists of 7 modules broken down into 39 sections within our Online Training System (OTS).

Module 1
Section Title
1 Introduction to Emergency Medical Care
2 The Well-Being of the EMT
3 Lifting and Moving Patients
4 Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues
5 Medical Terminology
6 Anatomy and Physiology
7 Ventilation, Perfusion, and Shock: Understanding Pathophysiology
8 Life Span Development
Objectives Learned
Module 2
Section Title
9 Airway Management
10 Respiration and Artificial Ventilation
Objectives Learned
Module 3
Section Title
11 Scene Size-Up
12 The Primary Assessment
13 Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices
14-1 The Secondary Assessment – The Medical Patient
14-2 The Secondary Assessment – The Trauma Patient
14-3 The Secondary Assessment – Reassessment and Diagnosis
15 Communication and Documentation
Objectives Learned
Module 4
Section Title
16 General Pharmacology
17 Respiratory Emergencies
18 Cardiac Emergencies
19 Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status
20 Allergic Reactions
21 Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies
22 Abdominal Emergencies
23 Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide
24 Hematologic and Renal Emergencies
Objectives Learned
Module 5
Section Title
25 Bleeding and Shock
26 Soft Tissue Trauma
27 Chest and Abdominal Trauma
28 Musculoskeletal Trauma
29 Trauma to the Head, Neck, and Spine
30 Multisystem Trauma
31 Environmental Emergencies
Objectives Learned
Module 6
Section Title
32 Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
33 Pediatric Emergencies
34 Geriatric Emergencies
35 Emergencies for Patients with Special Challenges
Objectives Learned
Module 7
Section Title
36 Operations
37 Hazardous Materials, Multiple-Casualty Incidents, and Incident Management
38 Highway Safety and Vehicle Extrication
39 EMS Response to Terrorism
Objectives Learned

Course Exams / Objectives Learned

  • There are no exams for this course.
  • After each module, students will write at least 75 characters of text about three objectives learned in the module.

Course Format

Our EMT courses online are fully narrated through our state-of-the-art Online Training System (OTS). The training is self-paced and available 24/7.

Our online EMT Refresher Topics course includes up-to-date, high quality training designed with your learning as our top priority. The course features interactive training modules, which combine audio and visual elements for maximum retention. The course is completed entirely online using a computer with an internet connection and is available 24/7. For your convenience, it can be completed over time, and your progress will be saved to the last section completed. Students are given 24 months to complete the course after enrollment.

Once the course is completed, you will immediately be able to download, save or print your Course Completion Certificate which is provided in PDF format.

Please note: After finishing the course, you will need to complete the renewal process required by your County or State. The application process may include CE (continuing education), skills testing, a valid CPR card, fees, etc. Check with your state and local EMS Authority for all requirements for online EMT courses.

EMS Continuing Education

This course is provided by Safety Unlimited and has been approved for 24 hours of EMS Continuing Education by California C.E. provider #56-0013, CAPCE provider #SUNI10321. Check with your state EMS Authority for any possible additional requirements.


This course meets state requirements for EMT Refresher CE training and is provided by Safety Unlimited. The course is approved by the state of California (provider #56-0013) and the Ventura County EMS Agency (provider #56-0013). Please verify with your local and state EMS Agency whether this course will be accepted in your area. 


Once the course is completed, you will immediately be able to download, save or print your Course Completion Certificate which is issued in PDF format.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide a high quality, Online EMT Refresher EMS-CE to currently certified EMT’s (or state certified expired within 2 years) who need Continuing Education (CE) credit.

Additional Training

Please contact your local and state EMS Authority to ensure all EMT recertification requirements are met. In California, valid CPR certification and EMT Skills Testing are required. This course provides valuable EMT recertification online training information, but it is not meant to replace hands-on training which is critical. For more information on NREMT recertification, see the NREMT website.

In ALL situations, an EMT must ensure they are adequately trained to do their job.

The HazMat Student Advantage

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