Heat Illness Prevention Training for Supervisors

Heat Illness Prevention Training for Supervisors


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Course Overview

Our Heat Illness Prevention for Supervisors training is taken 100% online. Course material includes heat stress and heat illness recognition, treatment, and prevention.

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Who Should Take This Course?

This Heat Illness Prevention for Supervisors training will help supervisors recognize, treat and prevent heat illnesses and learn about heat-related supervisor responsibilities.

OSHA requires employers to provide a workplace free from known safety hazards. Employees and supervisors who work in extreme heat must be trained regarding heat illnesses and prevention prior to working in those conditions. This course should be used as part of a Heat Illness Prevention Program in the workplace. Refresher training should be provided as needed or annually before the seasonal temperatures rise.

We also offer a Heat Illness Prevention – Employees course, which excludes the Supervisor Responsibilities portion of this class. For OSHA Safety training requirements or to view our other Safety training courses, visit our OSHA Safety Training page.

Course Format

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This 100% Online course includes up-to-date, high quality training. Interactive quizzes and audio and visual elements provide maximum retention. The course is self-paced, available 24/7, and designed for your convenience. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

Immediately after the course is completed, a Course Completion Certificate will be provided in PDF format to download, save or print.

Course Pricing

Heat Illness Prevention Training for Supervisors $24.95

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1
Section Title
1 Course Overview
2 Heat Illness and Injuries
Heat exposure on the job | What is Heat Stress? | Environmental, job-specific, and personal factors that can lead to heat stress | Types of heat-related illnesses | Symptoms | Treatments.
3 Heat Illness Prevention
Minimizing risks of heat illness | Methods to prevent heat illness | Indoors vs. outdoor environments | Elements of a Heat Illness Prevention Program. 
4 Supervisor Responsibilities
Employee Protection | Identifying heat-related illness hazards | Four risk levels | Protective measures | Tools to determine hazards and steps for providing protection. 
Course Exam

Course Objective

The objective of this heat injury prevention course is to ensure employees can recognize, prevent, and treat heat-related illnesses.

After completing this online training, the student should understand:

  • What is heat stress?
  • The varied factors that can contribute to heat stress
  • Types and symptoms of heat-related illnesses
  • Treatments for heat injuries
  • How to minimize the risks of heat illness
  • Indoor and outdoor heat illness prevention
  • Components of a Heat Illness Prevention Program


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Course Sections

This course consists of the following 4 sections within our Online Training System (OTS).

Module 1
Section Title
1 Course Overview
2 Heat Illness and Injuries
3 Heat Illness Prevention
4 Supervisor Responsibilities
Course Exam

Course Exam

  • The final exam for this course consists of 10 questions, which are randomly compiled from a large pool of possible questions.
  • A 70% or better score is needed in order to pass the final exam. If a student does not pass, they may re-review information in the sections as necessary, and retake the test as many times as needed in order to pass.
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Sample Quiz / Test Question


This course was designed by Certified Outreach Trainers and meets training requirements under the General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. 


Once the course is completed, you will immediately be able to download, save or print your Course Completion Certificate which is provided in PDF format.

Additional Training

Please note that this course provides valuable heat illness prevention training which applies to a general population of employees. This course is not meant to replace company-specific heat training provided by your employer on procedures for your particular work environment. You must be trained by your employer on the hazards, equipment, engineering and administrative controls, safe work practices and emergency plans specific to your role and workplace.

In ALL situations, employers are required to ensure their employees are adequately trained to do their job.

Additional Information

For more information, OSHA has created a heat illness prevention campaign that stresses awareness and heat safety. Their webpage offers several heat stress and heat illness resources, including educational information, OSHA fact sheets, a guide for using the heat index, training materials, and articles. NIOSH also offers a Heat Stress webpage with several printable resources. 


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