DOT HAZMAT Training Online

DOT HAZMAT Training Online 

dot-hazmat-training-onlineHazMat Student offers online DOT HAZMAT training courses to help you meet the DOT training requirements in the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). These online DOT training classes were designed by Certified Outreach Trainers and meet training requirements contained in 49 CFR of the Federal DOT regulation. See course descriptions for more information on the specific regulations met for each course. Some of our popular DOT compliance training online courses include DOT HAZMAT Awareness training, DOT Security Awareness training, DOT HAZMAT Shipping Papers, DOT HAZMAT Packaging, and more.

Students take our online DOT HAZMAT courses through a state-of-the-art Online Training System (OTS). The courses are fully narrated and self-paced so you can complete the classes at your convenience. We are also so sure you will be satisfied with your experience, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*. Your course DOT HAZMAT certification or HAZMAT Awareness certification will be provided immediately upon course completion. 

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ONLINE Department of Transportation (DOT) Training per 49 CFR

DOT HAZMAT Awareness Online: General Awareness / Function Specific Training (10 Hours) $199.95
DOT HAZMAT Awareness Training: Basic General Awareness (4 Hours) $74.95
DOT HAZMAT Training Online: Security Awareness $49.95
DOT HAZMAT: Hazard Classes and Divisions – Function Specific $49.95
DOT HAZMAT: Shipping Papers – Function Specific $49.95
DOT HAZMAT: Packaging – Function Specific $49.95
DOT HAZMAT: Marking – Function Specific $49.95
DOT HAZMAT: Labeling – Function Specific $49.95
DOT HAZMAT: Placarding – Function Specific $49.95
DOT HAZMAT: Using the Hazmat Table (HMT) – Function Specific $49.95
DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Highway $49.95
DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Air / IATA $49.95
DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Rail $49.95
DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Vessel $49.95


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DOT HAZMAT Training Requirements

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires training for all HAZMAT employees who perform any function subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). This would include employees who:

  • load, unload, or handle hazardous materials, such as hazardous waste or hazardous substances
  • prepare hazardous materials for transportation
  • transport hazardous materials by motor vehicle
  • place HAZMAT labels and markings on hazardous materials packages and containers
  • complete HAZMAT shipping papers
  • test, recondition, repair, modify, mark, or otherwise represents packaging as qualified for use in the transport of hazardous materials
  • is responsible for the safety of hazardous materials transportation

All HAZMAT employees require initial and recurring training to help increase safety awareness and to help reduce HAZMAT incidents. The training must include: 

  • General awareness / familiarization training 
  • Function-specific training
  • Safety training
  • Security awareness training
  • In-depth security training
  • Modal-specific training
  • Testing

HAZMAT employers must ensure that new employees, or those whose job function has changed, complete training within 90 days of hire or the function change. The employee can perform job functions prior to the completion of training only under the supervision of a trained, knowledgeable HAZMAT employee. After the initial training, recurring training must be completed at least once every three years.

For additional information on DOT training requirements for hazardous materials, see our DOT HAZMAT Training Infographic or the DOT regulations 49 CFR, Part 172, Subpart H.  Also, see the DOT PHMSA Hazardous Materials Transportation Training Requirements presentation. 

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