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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees. Protecting the health and safety of employees through prevention training is an important component of a successful workplace or business as well as OSHA compliance. Many organizations implement an overall Health and Safety program, as healthy employees tend to be more productive, professional and engaged, and less likely to miss work or have workplace injuries.

HazMat Student offers high quality, 100% online training to help employers provide classes for workplace Health and Safety programs and provide human resources training online. Our courses are fully narrated and self-paced, and training certification is provided immediately upon course completion through our state-of-the-art Online Training System (OTS). In addition, we are so committed to your satisfaction with the course, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee*

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Training Types

Course Overviews | Human Resources & Workplace Safety and Health Training

DOT Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors - Online
Our online DOT Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors course provides training on recognizing symptoms of drug or alcohol use amount employees. Supervisors learn how to establish reasonable suspicion and refer an employee for drug and alcohol testing.

Drug Free Workplace Training – Online
Our online Drug Free Workplace Training assists employers with their substance abuse prevention program in the workplace. Training topics include: Drug Free Workplace Policy, the Supervisor’s Role, Handling Situations, Performance Problems, Addiction and Intervention, Documentation, and Employee Assistance. The training is offered as an Initial training course or an Annual Refresher.

Job Stress Prevention Training – Online
Our online Job Stress Prevention Training assists employers with their Health and Safety Program in the workplace. Training topics include: Definition and Causes of Job Stress, Stressful Job Conditions, Work Roles, Early Warning Signs, Diseases and Disorders, Reducing Stress, Stress Prevention, and Interventions. This workplace safety training course is offered as an Initial course or an Annual Refresher.

Sexual Discrimination & Harassment Prevention Training – Online
Our Sexual Discrimination & Harassment Prevention online course provides both employers and employees training regarding sexual discrimination and harassment, and assists in compliance with applicable State and Federal laws. Students will learn the legal definition of sexual harassment, and also be provided information on recognizing and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. The course is compliant with California AB 1825. This course may also be taken for EMS Continuing Education credit.

Introduction to Supervision & Leadership Training – Online
Our online Introduction to Supervision & Leadership training helps employees develop skills and knowledge to transition from employee to supervisor, and assists employers with their overall Safety and Health Program. Training topics include: Leadership Terminology, Supervisor versus Manager, Employment Hiring and Firing, Budgeting, Representation, Being an Effective Supervisor, and Accountability.

Work Schedules & Working Alone Training – Online
Our online Work Schedules and Working Alone training assists employers with their overall Health & Safety Program in the workplace. Training topics related to work scheduling include: Consequences of Overworking, Benefits of Work Schedules, Accident Prevention, Breaks, Working Alone, and Laws and Regulations.

Human Resources Manager Training (Package of 4 Classes) – Online
Our online Human Resources Manager Training is a package program of four courses for employees who work in Human Resource management. HR training program topics include: Introduction to Supervision & Leadership, Job Stress Prevention, a Drug Free Workplace, and Work Schedules & Working Alone.

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