24 Hour EMT Refresher Topics | EMS-CE Course Online

$125 – This online 24 Hour EMT Refresher Topics EMS-CE course is designed for currently certified EMTs who need EMS Continuing Education for recertification.

This 24 hours of refresher training topics qualifies as Instructor Based Training and meets the local and state requirements for California. This 24 Hour EMT Refresher EMS-CE is also accepted in many other states. Since each state determines its own standard and the courses accepted, please check with your local and state EMS Authority to verify this course is accepted prior to enrollment. 

This EMT Refresher Topics course is provided 100% online as a fully narrated class, combining audio and visual elements, and may be completed over time in sections. This interactive course is designed to help you refresh and retain the knowledge presented in the training.

Enroll here! For additional information on the EMT recertification online or how this course’s EMS-CE applies to your situation, please see the full course description.

$295 – Our 48 Hour Online Paramedic Refresher Topics course is designed for current or State of California Paramedics: Current or Expired

This online paramedic course EMS-CE includes Instructor Based Training for current or expired California Licensed Paramedics and meets the state and local requirements for California. 

The course includes modules on: Paramedic Operations; Airway, Breathing, and Cardiology; Medical Emergencies; Trauma; Obstetrics and Pediatrics; and Special Operations. 

Enroll here! For more information on our online Paramedic Refresher Topics course and how the EMS-CE applies to each situation, please see the full course description.

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24 Hour EMT Transition Topics | EMS-CE Course Online

$225 $125 – Our online 24 Hour EMT Transition Topics EMS-CE course is designed for EMT-Basics (EMT B) who need 24 Hour EMT Transition training. It’s provided by Safety Unlimited and certified by the state of California (provider #56-0013) and the Ventura County EMS Agency (provider #56-0013). It meets California state requirements for 24 Hour EMT Transition training.

For other states, please check with your local and state EMS Authority to see if this Emergency Medical Technician Transition course EMS-CE is accepted. Each state determines its own standard and the courses accepted.

Enroll here or for more information, please see the full EMT-B to EMT Transition course description.

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