From Head to Toe | Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

OSHA requires that personal protective equipment (PPE) be used to protect workers from serious workplace hazards, injuries, and illnesses. The needed PPE may include items such as safety glasses, gloves, safety shoes, earplugs and earmuffs, hard hats, respirators, coveralls, vest and body suits. OSHA has implemented specific PPE standards for construction, general industry, shipyard employment, marine terminals, and longshoring.

As a reminder of the importance of PPE, we have created a Personal Protective Equipment Infographic, which you may downloadsharelink to, or post on other sites. The infographic reviews the most common types of PPE that workers require in the workplace:

  • Head Protection
  • Eye & Face Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Body Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • Foot & Leg Protection

View the enlarged infographic and share it with your co-workers. We also offer several other safety infographics which we invite you to review and share.

Date Posted: 04-23-2016
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