DOT Certification Training

In order to be in compliance with US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), training is required for hazmat workers and managers involved in hazardous materials transportation, including all those who directly affect the safety of the hazmat shipping process or prepare hazardous materials for transport. The requirements for DOT compliance training can be found in 49 CFR 172.700.

DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training

This hazardous materials awareness training focuses on helping workers involved in hazmat transportation become familiarized with the hazmat shipping process, the DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), as well hazardous materials recognition and identification. This training type is required for all hazmat employees. Hazmat Student offers awareness DOT training classes, including:

  • DOT Hazmat General Awareness w/ Function Specific Training (10 Hours) –  This advanced course includes both general awareness and functions specific training. Topics include hazard classes and divisions, the hazardous materials table, shipping papers, marking, labeling, placarding, packaging, and security awareness.
  • DOT Hazmat General Awareness (4 Hours) – This DOT training course includes how to use the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), hazardous materials and their classes and divisions, the hazardous materials table, marking, shipping papers, placarding, labeling, hazmat packaging, incident reporting, and security awareness.

Function-Specific Training

This DOT training helps hazmat workers to perform safely in their specific job functions within the hazardous materials transportation process. This training type is required for all hazmat employees. Our DOT function specific courses include:

  • DOT Hazmat Shipping Papers – This online hazmat shipping papers course includes topics: shipping papers completion, exemptions, modal-specific requirements, technical names, hazardous substances and radioactive materials, shipper’s certification, general formatting and emergency response.
  • DOT Hazmat Packaging– This online hazmat packaging class provides training on general packing requirements, air shipments, packaging exceptions, leaking or damaged packages, hazardous waste, overpacks, and Department of Defense (DOD) packaging.
  • DOT Hazmat Marking – This online DOT marking class includes general marking requirements, non-bulk packaging, bulk packaging, identification numbers, marking by hazmat type, marking by bulk packaging type.
  • DOT Hazmat Labeling – This online DOT labeling course covers general labeling requirements, additional hazardous material labeling requirements, labels by class and placement, label specifications and exceptions, and radioactive materials.
  • DOT HAZMAT Hazard Classes and Divisions– This online DOT course includes training on the 9 hazard classes and divisions in the HMT, as well as how materials in each class are stored, handled, packaged, and transported.
  • DOT HAZMAT Placarding – This online DOT placarding class provides training on placarding tables, placarding rules, types of placards, specifications, requirements by transportation mode, and more.
  • DOT HAZMAT Using the Hazmat Table (HMT) – This Online DOT HMT course provides training on using the Hazmat Table to determine labeling, packaging, special provisions and restrictions for hazardous materials transportation.

Modal-Specific Training

This training helps those who ship hazmat by ground, air, vessel, or railway to comply with US DOT hazardous material regulations (49 CFR). Our online training courses include:

  • Hazmat Highway Carrier Requirements – This course provides training on shipping hazardous materials by highway, general and special loading / unloading requirements, shipping papers and inspections, and reportable incidents.
  • Hazmat Air / IATA Carrier Requirements – This course covers training, packaging, preparation and separation requirements, excepted materials, requirements by aircraft type, discrepancies, incident reports, and NRC and CDC notifications.
  • Hazmat Rail Carrier Requirements – This course consists of general operating requirements, handling and loading requirements, segregation of hazardous materials, placarding requirements and car positioning, and railroad industry recommendations.
  • Hazmat Vessel Carrier Requirements – This course includes general operating requirements, handling and stowage requirements, hazardous materials segregation, requirements for explosives, and requirements for hazardous shipping training, specific materials and incident reporting.

Security Awareness Training

This 49 CFR training provides hazmat employees with awareness of the security risks of transporting hazardous materials, as well as preventative measures that need to be taken to increase hazmat security. See our HAZMAT transportation security awareness course. This training type is required for all hazmat employees. Our online training course offering includes:

  • DOT Hazmat Security Awareness – This course includes the topics of HAZWOPER and regulatory overview, safety and health programs, and medical surveillance.

Safety Training

This DOT safety training must include safe handling and emergency response, procedures for accident avoidance, and protective measures related to the hazards and hazardous materials in work environment. This training is required for some hazmat employees.

In-Depth Security Training

This training familiarizes employees with their employer Security Plan, including security objectives, procedures, organizational structure, and implementation requirements. This training is required for some hazmat employees.

DOT Hazmat Certification

The Department of Transportation requires that records be maintained for the training conducted in compliance with 49 CFR. This includes employer certification that the employee has been trained and tested. All of our DOT training classes provide the student with downloadable DOT training certification of course completion.

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