OSHA Training Guidelines | Infographic

OSHA believes training is integral to the health and safety of workers, and in preventing accidents and illnesses in the workplace. Many OSHA standards are explicit about training requirements, while other standards make the employer responsible to ensure employees are “certified”, “competent”, or “qualified”. OSHA has created voluntary training guidelines to help employers:

  1. Determine whether a problem can be solved by training;
  2. Determine what training is needed; 
  3. Identify training goals and objectives;
  4. Design learning activities; 
  5. Conduct training; 
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of the training; and
  7. Revise the training. 

OSHA Publication 2254 goes into great detail about each step, but we have created a downloadable overview for your convenience. 

Feel free to download, print, or share this infographic online. Download the PDF of the below image here: OSHA Training Guidelines – Infographic.

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