What are HAZWOPER Jobs?

In order to know what HAZWOPER jobs are, you first must know what HAZWOPER means. HAZWOPER is an acronym that stands for “HAZardous Waste OPerations and Emergency Response”. So, HAZWOPER jobs involve the handling/clean-up of hazardous wastes or materials, or they involve emergency response where hazardous substances may be encountered.

For these jobs, there are both initial and annual HAZWOPER training requirements, which are detailed in OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.120. The purpose of the OSHA standard is to protect employees from the dangers of working with hazardous materials and waste. These OSHA regulations describe different HAZWOPER training levels which are based on job function and how likely a worker is to be exposed to hazardous materials. In order to be employed in a HAZWOPER job and also be OSHA compliant, the HAZWOPER training requirements will need to met. 


Wondering what 24 and 40 Hour HAZWOPER jobs are available? Below is a list of job titles that may require or prefer the applicant to have completed HAZWOPER training. Having current 24 or 40 Hour HAZWOPER certification of training under your belt may give you an advantage on your resume, increase your odds of securing one of these job types, and could increase your starting salary. To find HAZWOPER courses or a refresher for your current training, see our course options

CDL Drivers Field Chemist Oil Spill Clean-up
Chemical Laboratory Technician Field Engineer Oil Spill Responder
Construction Laborer Field Technician OSHA Site Supervisors
Controls Specialist Firefighter OTR Drivers
Emergency Rescue First Responder Pipe Layers 
Emergency Response Specialist  Fuels Engineer Pipeline Operator
Environmental Compliance Specialist  Geologist Plant Operator
Environmental Consultant Hazardous Material Technician Radiological Control Technician
Environmental Driller Hazardous Materials Handler  RCRA Hazardous Materials Storage Facilities 
Environmental Due Diligence Hazardous Waste Disposer Refinery Operations
Environmental Engineer Hazardous Waste Operations Remediation / Clean-up General Laborers 
Environmental Field Laborer Hazardous Waste Technician Safety Coordinator
Environmental Health & Safety Specialist Hazmat Operations Site Mitigation
Environmental Laboratory Technician HAZMAT Technician Site Safety Officer
Environmental Monitoring  HAZWOPER Certified Technician Site Supervisors 
Environmental Project Manager Health and Safety Officer Superintendent for Construction 
Environmental Remediation Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Mgr Toxic Clean-Up
Environmental Scientist Heavy Equipment Operator Truck Driver
Environmental Specialist Industrial Hygiene  Underground Storage Tank Tester
Environmental Technician  Landfill Field Technician Waste Treatment Operator
Equipment Operator Marine Environmental Technician Wastewater Treatment Operator
Facilities Operator Material Handler Welder
Facilities/Safety Manager Oil and Gas Drillers Worker with OSHA Certification


Employees in (or looking for) HAZWOPER jobs can complete their HAZWOPER training online or in the classroom. Many 24 and 40 Hour HAZWOPER training students opt to take online HAZWOPER training due to the convenience and cost savings.  Since employers often provide HAZWOPER equipment training with the actual equipment that will be used on the job, many students prefer online training followed by job-specific equipment training at their worksite.

Whether classroom or online training is your preference, HazMat Student offers a variety of HAZWOPER courses and formats to meet your unique needs. See all of our HAZWOPER courses or go directly to our most popular classes:

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For more information on OSHA’s HAZWOPER training requirements, see our HAZWOPER Training Infographic

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