A Clean Slate | Workplace Housekeeping

Housekeeping practices play an important role in worker safety. Organized and clean work spaces can help reduce injuries and improve productivity. Here are some ways to improve housekeeping at work:

  • All workers should do their part to keep the workplace clean and free of hazards.
  • Identify and address potential causes of slips, trips, and falls, such as spills or clutter.
  • Provide safeguards to protect workers from objects that may fall from overhead equipment, workers, shelves, and more.

  • Remove accumulated dust for improved air quality and reduced fire/explosion hazard.
  • Keep walkways, stairs, exits and work spaces tidy. Remove trash promptly. Maneuvering around unnecessary items can contribute to injuries.
  • Ensure materials and tools are stored properly so that they are readily available when needed, but don’t hinder work performance.
  • Review the workplace for fire hazards and correct any hazards found.
  • Make a housekeeping plan which includes roles and responsibilities.

Good housekeeping is an essential part of a safe and healthy work environment. In order to be successful at keeping a clean and tidy workplace, everyone must pitch in and contribute to the effort.

Date Posted: 05-01-2016
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