Paramedic NREMT Certification & Recertification

Paramedics respond to emergency situations, provide life-saving interventions and transport patients to medical facilities.

National Paramedic certification can be achieved through NREMT by meeting specific requirements. A simplified overview is provided below. For full details, see the NREMT Paramedics page:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have National EMT level certification -or- an EMT level or higher state license.
  • Applicants beginning their Paramedic education after 1/1/13 must have completed a state-approved and CAAHEP-accredited Paramedic program (NRP); or a program with a current “Letter of Review”.

  • Starting 8/1/16, all students beginning their Paramedic education program must complete a psychomotor competency portfolio.
  • Must have a current CPR-BLS for Healthcare Providers or an equivalent credential.
  • Must complete the NREMT Application Process.
  • Must successfully complete the NREMT Paramedic Psychomotor Exam, which is a hands-on test where candidates will need to demonstrate proficiency of skills.
  • Must successfully complete the Paramedic Cognitive Exam, which is a computer adaptive test that includes all aspects of EMS care.

NREMT Recertification – Paramedic

Once a Paramedic has their NREMT certification, they must recertify prior to the expiration date in order to keep their certification from lapsing. One of the options for NREMT recertification is to complete 72 hours of continuing education, through a CAPCE or state-approved 48 Hour Paramedic Refresher course and continuing education topic hours. For more information and options, see the complete NREMT recertification requirements.

HazMat Student offers a 100% Online EMS-CE (48 Hours) – 48 Hour Paramedic Refresher Topics Course which can be taken by currently certified NREMT Paramedics toward recertification. This course does not apply for aspiring NREMT Paramedics who have failed the NREMT Paramedic exam three times or Paramedics with expired NREMT certification. To see how this course applies to your situation, see our 48 Hour Paramedic Refresher Topics Course Description.

Date Posted: 10-13-2016
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