Keep the Weight Off | Keep the Weight Off

The use of heavy equipment is commonplace on many work sites. Every year there are thousands of incidents involving heavy equipment where workers end up seriously or fatally injured. Below are some general safety tips to help you stay safe when working with heavy equipment.

  • Get Trained: Ensure you’ve been properly trained to safely operate heavy equipment prior to use. Refresher training should be conducted as needed and as required.

  • Communicate: Everyone working around heavy equipment needs to know what’s happening and be aware of the equipment operator’s blind spots. Use two-way radios and a trained spotter to ensure blind spots are clear prior to moving equipment.
  • Inspect the Equipment Before Use: Use pre-planned checklists to make sure the equipment is not damaged and is functioning properly.
  • Enter and Exit Safely: To prevent falls, always keep three points of contact with the equipment when entering or exiting. Also, ensure the equipment is fully shut-down and not moving before getting on or off. Never jump on or off the equipment.
  • Wear Your Seatbelt: In the event of heavy equipment rollover, a seatbelt may save your life.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Know about overhead and underground hazards in the area and take the needed precautions to avoid them.
  • Use the Correct Equipment for the Task
  • Load and Unload Safely: Don’t exceed the load limits of the equipment. Load and unload on level ground to prevent rollovers.
  • Follow Lock-out/Tag-out Procedures: Ensure equipment will not start unexpectedly or release stored energy prior to performing maintenance or servicing of equipment.
  • Protect Yourself: Never operate heavy equipment when you cannot remain alert. This includes when you’re sleepy or under the influence of any substance that may negatively impact your actions.

Most workplace accidents are preventable. By staying alert and taking steps to make safety a top priority, you can avoid unnecessary workplace injuries.

Date Posted: 08-01-2018
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