Set the Scene for Safety | 5 Safety Tips for EMT’s

EMT’s perform a wide variety of job tasks which can put them in extreme situations. We’ve put together a list of 5 important safety tips to help keep EMT’s safe on the job.

Know Your Surroundings – Prior to entering a scene, scan the area for potential threats. Pay close attention to scenes that are inherently dangerous, such as those involving angry bystanders, hazardous materials, or electrical hazards. Always have a plan ready in case you need to remove yourself from a situation quickly.

Use Vehicles Safely – In an emergency situation, driving can be the most dangerous part of the job. Protect yourself, your partner, your patient, and the general public by driving safely. Take note of the road conditions and drive appropriately for the situation. Pay close attention to upcoming obstacles and the potential actions of other drivers.

Use Your Safety Equipment – Use of your safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, and safety vests, helps prevent injuries, as well as the spread of diseases and exposure to hazardous substances.

Partner with the Police – In violent situations, keep your distance until the police have secured the scene and deemed it safe for EMT entry. Exchanges of information between the police and EMS workers can improve the safety of everyone involved, as well as the level of care provided to the patient.

Protect Your Back – Keep your back strong by exercising often. Stretch prior to your work shifts. Always ensure you use proper lifting techniques on-the-job to prevent back injuries. One mistake can cause a career-ending injury.

Make personal safety a priority! Remember, if you get hurt, you may not be able to perform your job and provide the help your patients need.

The above tips may not apply to every situation. In all cases, ensure you are acting in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and following your employer’s guidelines.

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Date Posted: 05-01-2016
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