Moment of Truth | Common Health & Safety Myths

There are hazards all around us, however many workers assume they don’t need to worry about workplace safety. Below are some of the most common health and safety myths found in the workplace:

My employer makes sure that I’m safe.
Although employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment, workers need to take an active role in making personal safety a priority. Safety is a team effort. Workers need to do their part by wearing their protective safety gear, reporting safety hazards, following safety guidelines, and not taking safety risks.

I have a desk job, so I’m safe.
There are plenty of hazards in every work environment, even if the hazards are not easily identified. Ergonomic injuries, such as muscle strains and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as slip / fall type of accidents are quite common in office workers. Sitting for long periods may also be associated with increased risks for heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. Workers should evaluate their workplace and job duties to find all the potential hazards and ensure they are reported to management and addressed.

My job is dangerous. Nothing can make it safer.
Most workplace accidents are avoidable, even in highly dangerous jobs. Take the time to evaluate all workplace hazards and then take necessary steps to reduce, control or eliminate those hazards. In the long run, making the effort to avoid injuries will be far better than dealing with the pain and cost of an injury after the fact.

I have insurance, so I don’t need to worry about accidents.
Insurance is used to protect workers and their families financially after an accident, but it won’t protect workers from death or the pain and suffering of an injury. Insurance also likely won’t be able to restore a worker to their same quality of life after a life-changing injury. Regardless of the insurance coverage, workplace safety and accident prevention needs to be a top priority.

Don’t believe the myths! Both workers and employers need to be proactive and work together to ensure the workplace is as safe as possible.

Date Posted: 11-27-2017
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