Online DOT Hazmat Training

14 Online DOT training courses to help you meet your DOT Hazmat training requirements.

DOT HAZMAT Awareness Online: General Awareness / Function Specific Training (10 Hours)
$199.95 – Our advanced 10 hour course provides DOT Hazmat general awareness training, as well as in-depth function-specific training. Includes training on Hazard Classes and Divisions, the Hazardous Materials Table, DOT Hazmat Shipping Papers, Hazmat Marking, Hazardous Material Labeling, Placarding, Hazmat Packaging, and DOT Security Awareness. Workers involved in any part of the Hazmat transportation process would benefit from this DOT online training, which meets training requirements in 49 CFR 172.704(a)(1) and some of the basic requirements for 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

DOT HAZMAT Awareness Training: Basic General Awareness (4 Hours)
$74.95 – This course includes 4 hours of DOT Hazmat awareness training online for workers involved with hazardous material transportation or preparation. Topics include many of the same topics in our 10 hour course, but are covered less in-depth in the 4 hour course. Training includes an overview of the Department of Transportation; 49 CFR – Code of Federal Regulations; Using the HMR – Hazardous Materials Regulations; Hazardous Materials and their classifications; Hazardous Materials Table – HMT; DOT Shipping Papers; Marking, Hazmat Labeling, Placarding; Hazmat Packaging;  Incident Reporting; Hazmat Security Awareness.

DOT HAZMAT Training Online: Security Awareness
$49.95 – As required in 49 CFR 172.704(a)(4), this course provides DOT security awareness training to help workers increase en route hazmat transportation security, identify security threats, prevent security breaches, and understand in-depth security plan requirements.

DOT HAZMAT: Hazard Classes & Divisions – Function Specific
$49.95 – This online DOT training course instructs students on the 9 hazard classes and their divisions in the Hazardous Materials Table (HMT). Students will learn about hazard identification, handling, packaging, storage, and transportation. 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

DOT HAZMAT Shipping Papers – Function Specific
$49.95 – In this DOT training course, students learn how to complete hazardous materials DOT shipping papers, and meets the requirements for 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i). The training topics include: completing shipping papers; exemptions and special permits; requirements by mode of transportation; exceptions; hazardous substances and radioactive materials; shipper’s certification; emergency response; and more.

DOT HAZMAT Packaging – Function Specific
$49.95 – This DOT online training will help students learn about Hazmat packaging requirements, exceptions to the requirements, and proper hazardous materials packaging. Leaking or damaged packages, hazardous waste and overpacks are also covered. The course meets DOT training requirements for 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

DOT HAZMAT Marking – Function Specific
$49.95 – This DOT training course provides hazmat markings training, which includes: How to identify the hazardous material; How to choose the proper hazmat marking; How to determine when hazardous materials markings are required. 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

DOT HAZMAT Labeling – Function Specific
$49.95 – Take your DOT training online with this labeling course, which trains students on: Hazardous material labeling requirements; Using labels to identify hazardous materials; DOT hazmat label selection and placement; Hazardous material labels completion; and more. This training meets function specific requirements in 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

DOT HAZMAT: Placarding – Function Specific
$49.95 – This function-specific DOT course teaches students about appropriate placarding when shipping hazardous materials. Training includes general placarding rules, placard types, Placarding Tables, placarding by mode of transportation, and more. 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

DOT HAZMAT: Using the Hazmat Table (HMT) – Function Specific
$49.95 – This course provides instruction on using the Hazmat Table to determine labeling, packaging, restrictions and special provisions for transporting hazardous materials. Some topics include: symbols; proper shipping names and descriptions; hazard class and division; ID number and packaging groups; label codes; packaging requirements; and more. 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Highway
$49.95 – This DOT hazardous materials transportation traning focuses on shipping by highway. Training topics include shipping responsibilities; loading and unloading requirements; shipping paper and inspections; and reporting incidents among others.

DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Air / IATA
$49.95 – This online DOT training course intended to comply with modal-specific training requirements. The course includes training on packaging, preparation, separation, excepted materials, incident reports, discrepancies, hazmat transportation requirements, and more.

DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Rail
$49.95 – This Hazmat DOT training  is based upon Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations in 49 CFR Part 174. The Hazmat rail course helps workers who are involved with shipping hazardous materials by railroad. Topics include operating requirements, handling and loading, segregation of hazardous materials, placarding, railroad industry recommendations, among others.

DOT HAZMAT Training: Carrier Requirements – Vessel
$49.95 – This DOT hazmat shipping training course was designed for those involved with shipping hazardous materials by water. Training topics include: Using the IMDG; General requirements for preparation and packaging; Hazardous materials segregation; Explosives requirements; Specific materials and exceptions; and more.