OSHA Safety Training Selection

Here are a some questions to help you choose among health and safety training services:

Which course do I need?
With the complex OSHA training requirements, it can be confusing to figure out what OSHA compliance training you actually need. Do you need the 40 Hour HAZWOPER level training or the 24 Hour HAZWOPER course? Should you take the First Responder AwarenessFirst Responder Operations, or HAZMAT Technician training course? If you are having difficulty determining which course will help you meet  OSHA requirements, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist.

Should I complete the course with Online training or in a Classroom?
Our Online training courses offer many benefits, including high quality training that is convenient and self-paced, while saving our students time and money. While the majority of our students seek out online health and safety training, others prefer to take courses in a physical classroom environment. Our Classroom courses give students the opportunity to take classes in-person with other students. Our classroom courses are regularly scheduled in California, North Carolina, and New Jersey. View our classroom training schedule.

Do my co-workers need the same training?
If you work for a company where multiple people need the same training, your company may want to purchase multiple courses in advance in order to receive significant discounts. We also offer Corporate Accounts with training management tools for no cost or commitment.

Alternatively, if your company prefers to have On-Site training for multiple students, we can send an instructor to your location. Request a Quote for on-site or multi-student training.

What safety training service provider should I use?
For occupational safety training, HazMat Student is the premier choice. HazMat Student has provided the highest quality safety training services to companies and individuals for over ten years. We offer the best of OSHA HAZWOPER, HAZMAT, HAZCOM, DOT, EMS, and other health and safety training courses. Upon course completion, students immediately receive their safety training certification, which is a downloadable PDF certificate for students to save and print. We also offer a no-risk Money-Back Guarantee* on most of our online training courses. For more information about us, see our Testimonials and Better Business Bureau rating.

Once I’ve finished my training, what do I do?
After training is completed, provide a copy of your training certificate to your employer, update your LinkedIn and resume to include the finished course, and apply your training on-the-job to help keep you safe!

To view a list of courses we offer, see our Online Course Catalog and Classroom Courses.