OSHA Safety Training Online | General Industry and Construction

General OSHA safety courses are listed below. See our complete list of Online OSHA training courses available, including HAZWOPER training, Hazmat Technician, Hazmat FRO & FRA, HAZCOM and more. 

H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness
$19.95 – This online H2S training course complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926, ANSI Z390.1 Accepted Practices for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Training Programs. The training topics include: Hydrogen sulfide defined; H2S exposure symptoms and effects; Hydrogen sulfide exposure protection; Detection and monitoring; Contingency plans; and Emergency response.

Lead Awareness Training for General Industry
$19.95 – This online Lead training course provides students with general awareness of lead in General Industry workplaces. Topics include: Lead recogition, uses and hazards; Lead exposure prevention; and compliance with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1025.

Back Safety in the Workplace
$24.95 – This online back safety training course provides back injury prevention information and guidelines. The course can be taken as either initial training or as an annual refresher course to meet OSHA safety training requirements and as part of a workplace Back Safety Program.

Confined Space Awareness Training
$19.95 – Take online Confined Spaces Awareness training to help meet OSHA Confined Space training requirements. Use this course as part of a Confined Space Program designed for employees. The online confined spaces awareness training includes: Confined space definition; Controlling hazards; Hazardous condition identification; Equipment for safe entry; Entry permits; Assigned duties; Authorized entrants and attendants; Emergencies; and more.

Health and Safety Management
$24.95 – Get online training regarding Health and Safety management programs, including: Management and leadership’s role; Investing in safety and health; Hazard analysis methods; Accountability; Program evaluation; and more.

OSHA Hearing Conservation Training
$19.95 – For those exposed to hazardous noise in the workplace, this course provides hearing conservation and hearing protection guidance. The course may be taken to help workers and employers meet OSHA safety training requirements. Course topics include: OSHA standards; Effects of noise exposure; Hearing protection devices; HPD selection, fit, use and care; Audiometric testing; Recordkeeping; and more.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program and Selection
$24.95 – This online PPE Training course can be used as part of a Personal Protective Equipment program in the workplace. Students will learn about: PPE programs; PPE selection; Maintenance and replacement; Training employees; Employer and employee responsibilities; Protection of the eye, face, head, foot, leg, hand, arm, and body; Hearing protection; and Respiratory protection.

Asbestos Awareness
$19.95 – This online asbestos awareness course will train students on: What is asbestos?; Asbestos uses; Types of asbestos; Asbestos testing and monitoring; EPA and OSHA standards; Compliance methods; Warning signs and labels; Protective clothing; Cleanup; Recordkeeping; and more.

Heat Illness Prevention Training for Supervisors
$24.95 – This online course will help supervisors learn their responsibilities when it comes to heat illnesses. Students will learn about heat illness recognition, treatment, and prevention. Supervisor topics include: Employee protection; Identifying hazards; Risk levels; Protective measures; Tools and steps toward protection; and more.

Heat Illness Prevention Training for Employees
$19.95 – Students who work in extreme heat must be trained on heat illnesses and prevention. This course provides training on how to recognize, treat and prevent heat illnesses. The course can be used as part of a workplace Heat Illness Prevention Program, and can be used as initial or refresher training. Training topics include: Heat exposure on the job; What is Heat Stress?; Heat stress factors; Types of heat illnesses; Symptoms; Treatments; Minimizing risks; Prevention; Indoors vs. outdoors; Heat Illness Prevention Program.

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
$19.95  $14.95 – This course will introduce students to the science and art of Industrial Hygiene. Course topics include: Industrial Hygienist Functions; Goals of an inspection; Worksite analysis purpose; Hierarchy of controls; Definitions; Methods to protect workers; Hazard identification.

Introduction to Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
$19.95  $14.95 – In this course, students learn basic information about identifying and preventing workplace hazards and injuries by utilizing the Job Hazard Analysis process. Topics include: What is a job hazard analysis?; JHA goals and benefits; Prioritizing jobs for JHA; Steps included in a JHA; and more.

Benzene Awareness for General Industry and Construction
$19.95 – This training will provide general awareness of the risks of benzene exposure and the OSHA regulatory requirements to protect employees who work with benzene.

Inorganic Arsenic Awareness for General Industry and Construction
$19.95 – This course will provide general awareness of the risks and protection requirements for those who may be exposed to inorganic arsenic on the job. Topics include: Inorganic vs. organic arsenic; Complying with the OSHA Standard; Toxicity; Acute and chronic exposure and effects; OSHA’s permissible exposure limit;  Exposure monitoring; Protective work clothing and equipment; and more.

Vinyl Chloride Awareness
$19.95 – This course provides general awareness of the risks and regulatory requirements to protect workers from exposure to vinyl chloride in the workplace.