Online Human Resource Training

Incorporate our online employee training into your Workplace Health and Safety Program.

Drug-Free Workplace Training – Online
$19.95 – Employee Health and Safety programs should include substance abuse prevention training. Our online drug-free workplace training for employees can be taken as either Initial or annual Refresher training and will cover: Drug Free Workplace Policy; Management’s Role; Situation Handling; Performance Issues; Addiction and Intervention; Documentation, and Employee Assistance. 

Job Stress Prevention Training – Online
$19.95 – Workplace Health and Safety program should include job stress prevention training, as job stress can increase accident and injury risks. Training topics include: Job Stress definition and causes; Stressful conditions; Warning signs; Work roles; Diseases and disorders; How to reduce stress; and Interventions. The training can be completed as Initial training or as an annual refresher for workplace stress training. 

Sexual Discrimination & Harassment Prevention Training – Online
$24.95 – To assist with compliance with State and Federal laws, this online sexual harassment and discrimination course will help students learn the legal definition of sexual harassment and learn how to recognize and report sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Introduction to Supervision & Leadership Training – Online
$19.95 – As part of a Health and Safety program, employees who transition from employee to supervisor should get specialized training. Training topics include: Leadership definitions; Differences between supervisors and managers; Hiring and firing; Budgeting; Effective supervision; Accountability; and more. 

Work Schedules & Working Alone Training – Online
$19.95 – Work scheduling is an important part of an employee’s health and safety in the workplace. This course will help employees with work scheduling topics, such as: Effects of overworking; Work schedule benefits; Accident prevention; Breaks; Working alone; and Laws and regulations. 

Human Resources Manager Training (Package of 4 Classes) – Online
$49.95 – Human Resources managers, and others, can take four of our employee training courses for one low price. The package includes courses: Introduction to Supervision & Leadership, Job Stress Prevention, a Drug-Free Workplace, and Work Schedules & Working Alone. This package can be used as part of your workplace Health and Safety Program.