First Receiver Training at Your Location

The term “First Receiver” typically applies to clinicians and other hospital staff who may receive or treat patients contaminated with chemical, biological or radioactive materials.

First Receivers differ from other first responders (such as firefighters and law enforcement) in that they work in a location away from the site where the hazardous substance contamination occurred. Because they are not present at the scene of the incident, First Receiver exposures to the contamination are limited to the substances that are transported from the incident site, such as hazardous substances on the patients skin or clothing.

The training requirements for First Receivers depend on the individuals’ roles/functions, the zones in which they work, and the probability that they’ll encounter contaminated patients.  OSHA has stated in letters of interpretation that HAZWOPER First Responder Operations Level and First Responder Awareness Level training meet the requirements for First Receivers in certain roles and positions.

For First Receivers, HazMat Student offers First Responder Operations Level and First Responder Awareness Level training, with a First Receiver special emphasis. Our Instructors will travel to conduct the training for your employees Onsite at your location. Along with many years of instructing experience, our Instructors also have real work work experience in the fields that they teach.

For more information on OSHA training requirements, see the OSHA publication: OSHA Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers of Victims.

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