An Ounce of Prevention | Simple Steps for Injury Prevention

Nobody plans to get hurt on the job, but it happens more frequently than it should. Below are common workplace hazards and some simple preventative actions you can take to avoid injury.

Struck-by Object Injuries:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, including equipment location and potential dangers.
  • Use the proper personal protective equipment for the job, such as face and eye protection.
  • Inspect equipment prior to use. Do not use equipment if you suspect it’s not functioning properly.
  • Avoid areas where items could fall from above.

Caught-in Equipment Injuries:

  • Understand the crush, pinch, shear, and pull-in points of equipment being used.
  • Ensure that the proper machine guards have not been removed from equipment.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry near machinery where it could potentially get caught.
  • Keep long hair tied back around moving equipment.

Slip and Fall Injuries:

  • Keep walkways clear of debris.
  • Clean-up spills quickly.
  • Ensure cords on the floor are properly covered.
  • In slippery spaces, use non-slips rugs and/or signs to alert workers of the danger.
  • Use signs and other measures to alert pedestrians to uneven walking surfaces.

Falling from Heights Injuries:

  • Use fall prevention systems for floor holes, unprotected sides, and wall openings where falls could occur.
  • Use the proper fall protection and PPE for the task.
  • Always use ladders properly, ensuring they are safely positioned and in good condition prior to use.

Overexertion Injuries:

  • Know what your body can handle and don’t push yourself beyond your limits.
    Stretch before working.
  • Use equipment to move heavy items or ask for additional help.
  • When lifting objects, bend at the knees.

Repetitive Motion Injuries:

  • Follow ergonomic best practices for your type of job, including the use of ergonomic equipment.
  • Take regular breaks from repetitive activity to stretch and rest your muscles.
  • Exercise regularly, including strengthening, stretching, and aerobic activity.
  • Learn to recognize the early symptoms of repetitive motion injuries and make adjustments to help prevent permanent damage.

Simple injury prevention measures can have a big impact in reducing the number of workplace injuries and their associated costs. Proper training, heightened risk awareness, and the safety commitment of the entire workforce are critical to ensuring workers have a safe and healthy work environment.

Store items securely, ensuring they will not fall.

Date Posted: 11-27-2017
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