Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

What are the most dangerous jobs in the United States? Each year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on the professions which have the highest number of fatalities per 100,000 full-times workers. Employees in these professions should be aware of the increased risk and take additional precautions and safety measures to ensure they don’t become one of the statistics.

This free Infographic may be downloaded, shared, linked to or printed. Share the knowledge with your peers or use it as a safety poster in the workplace to raise safety awareness. The 10 Most Hazardous Jobs include:

  • Logging
  • Fishers
  • Aircraft Pilots
  • Roofers
  • Refuse Workers
  • Agricultural Workers
  • Steel and Iron Workers
  • Truck Drivers and Other Drivers
  • Electrical Installers and Repairers
  • First-Line Construction Supervisors


An enlarged Infographic is available for your download and use. 

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Date Posted: 08-15-2016
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