Safety in the Workplace

Download, share or link to our free Infographic showing some of the top tips available for safety in the workplace in order to prevent workplace injuries and accidents. Provide the infographic on your own website or print it to use as a safety poster on the job. It includes information that we have all learned but can easily forget if we don’t get refresher reminders.

HazMat Student has created this Infographic to help with your safety training programs. The infographic reminds workers to:

  • Think about the safest alternative prior to starting a task;
  • Get properly trained for the job;
  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task;
  • Check tools and equipment prior to use;
  • Report unsafe working conditions;
  • Keep the workplace clean and uncluttered;
  • Always use proper lifting techniques;
  • Follow the workplace safety rules;
  • Have a plan ready in case of emergency;
  • Be proactive about workplace safety.

Date Posted: 08-15-2016
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