A Heavy Hitter | Working Around Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is used in a variety of workplaces and occupations. Mistakes made when working near heavy equipment can cause devastating injuries and even death. Below are some tips to help workers remain safe when working near heavy equipment:

  • Always be aware of the equipment location.
  • Don’t nap or hang out near heavy equipment.
  • Keep your distance from suspended loads.
  • Don’t operate equipment unless authorized and don’t ride the equipment in a manner that was not intended by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure heavy equipment has a back-up alarm or a signal person.

  • Follow designated safety measures when equipment is to be repaired or adjusted.
  • Remain aware of the heavy equipment’s proximity to power lines and keep a safe distance between the two.
  • Keep heavy equipment locked and secured when not in use.

Thinking ahead about potential accidents when working with heavy equipment is the first step in injury prevention. By following some simple safety measures, you can avoid danger and help create a safer work environment.

Date Posted: 03-09-2016
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