Movin’ On Up | Upgrade Your HAZWOPER Training

Workers upgrade their HAZWOPER training level for a variety of reasons, such as a change in job responsibilities and duties or for eligibility to apply for certain job positions.

For workers who have completed their 24 Hour HAZWOPER training, and want to upgrade to the 40 Hour HAZWOPER level, there are different options available. A 16 Hour HAZWOPER Upgrade class can be taken to bridge the gap between the 24 Hour and 40 Hour HAZWOPER levels and upgrade your training.

HazMat Student offers three different 16 Hour HAZWOPER courses to meet your unique needs. Course options include taking the class entirely online, entirely in a classroom setting, or through a combination online/classroom course. All of our 16 Hour HAZWOPER courses cover topics of respiratory protection, chemical protective clothing (CPC), detection systems and devices, equipment training, and more.

Our 100% Online course includes 50 in-depth video demonstrations of equipment use and procedures for donning/doffing. This online course may be a good fit for workers who will have follow-up equipment training with the actual equipment they will use at the job-site or those who will not use equipment on the job.

The Online/Classroom Combo class provides the convenience of online training (8 hours), but also allows students to have 8 hours of hands-on equipment training and donning/doffing practice. See our classroom training schedule.

We also regularly offer a 100% Classroom version of our 16 Hour HAZWOPER course in Simi Valley, CA and Charlotte, NC. See our current schedule. We will also provide on-site training at your location, when hosted by an employer. Request a quote for onsite training.

Upgrading your HAZWOPER training can have many benefits, such as expanding your on-the-job and new work opportunities. If you have any questions about these courses or any of our classes, please feel free to contact us.

Date Posted: 06-17-2015
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