Making History | Hazardous Waste Regulations

A lot of acronyms are used in relation to hazardous waste and emergency response regulations. Often those who work with hazardous waste aren’t aware of what the acronyms mean or what the related regulations accomplished.

HazMat Student has created an Infographic to provide a timeline of the major EPA hazardous waste regulations that led to the creation of the OSHA HAZWOPER standard. Each of the EPA regulations and OSHA standards listed in our graphic include measures to help protect workers from hazardous wastes.

The infographic covers:

  • Hazardous waste and HAZWOPER regulation acronyms and what they mean;
  • the year each regulation was enacted;
  • major accomplishments of each hazardous waste regulation

View the enlarged Infographic on our site, and feel free to download, share, or link to the page or image for your colleagues and co-workers. Share a bit of hazardous waste and HAZWOPER history!

View the Full Infographic

Date Posted: 04-01-2016
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