All Fired Up | October is National Fire Prevention Month

In honor of National Fire Prevention Month, please review the following Workplace Fire Prevention and Safety tips:

  • Keep work areas clean. Remove trash, work scraps and dust promptly.
  • Walkways should be kept clear to ensure unencumbered emergency access.
  • Equipment that produces mild electric shock or an unusual heat or smell should not be used. Have items checked, repaired, or replaced when equipment safety questions arise.

  • Don’t overload electrical circuits. Extension cords should be used as temporary solutions only and the cord amperage should be checked to ensure it’s sufficient for the job.
  • Electrical equipment should not be used around flammable liquids, gases, vapors, fibers, or dust.
  • Use wiring, tools, and equipment correctly and ensure they are maintained properly. Keep items oil and dust-free.
  • Immediately report unusual odors or damaged equipment to the appropriate safety personnel.
  • Do not use open flames. If a fire breaks out, pull the fire alarm and leave the area quickly.
  • Keep fire extinguishing equipment in the work areas and ensure employees know how and when it’s appropriate to use the equipment.
  • Start a program where fire hazards in the workplace are recognized, and steps are taken to prepare for and prevent workplace fires.
Date Posted: 10-08-2015
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