High and Mighty | Aerial Lift Safety

Aerial lifts are commonly used on job sites due to their mobility and flexibility. When accessing an above ground job site with an aerial lift, safe work practices can prevent falls, electrocutions, ejections, contact hazards, and tip overs.

Below are some safety tips to keep in mind when working with aerial lifts:

  • Get proper training prior to using an aerial lift, including general and machine-specific training.
  • Always use the aerial lift in the manner it was designed to be used.
  • Ensure the aerial lift is properly maintained and perform a pre-start safety inspection.

  • Don’t override safety devices.
  • Don’t move the equipment while workers are in the elevated platform unless it is
    designed by the manufacturer to do so.
  • Be aware of overhead hazards to ensure you are not in a position to be crushed or
    pinned between the basket and objects above you.
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from power lines.
  • Elevate the platform only when it’s on a firm, level surface.
  • Always assume power and electrical lines are energized.
  • Use the proper fall protection equipment.
  • Don’t sit, stand or climb on the guardrails to obtain more height.
  • Don’t overload the equipment’s weight limit, and ensure you factor in the weight
    of the worker, tools, and materials.
  • Set the brakes, wheel chocks and outriggers properly.

Improper use of aerial lifts can cause serious injury and death. Safe work practices and proper training will help workers remain safe when using this type of equipment. For more information on aerial lift safety and the OSHA standards that apply, see OSHA’s Aerial Lift Fact Sheet.

Date Posted: 09-12-2016
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